News: Back With A New Look

Date: 22/5/03

Hey there peoples! I've re-done the site (again), hopefully even faster than before and much simple to read through. Do you like the new look? Some new sections added too, mainly the tutorials. Enjoy those. Also, the art and CGI section is now split in two, 2D and 3D (easier like this). There are also wallpapers in the 3D section. Plus there are also free models, textures, source code and tutorials available in both the Dark BASIC and Truespace sections.

I know most of the content is missing right now but I just had to chage my webpage from what it was before (looked...crap). This site will probably be changed again soon, but for now I'm too busy with study. Still there's quite a bit available so have a look around.

Have Fun! ---Sina---